About Numa Estilo

Our Philosophy

Numa (Limbu) ~ ‘Beautiful’ | Estilo (Spanish) ~ ‘Style’
Numa Estilo – Beautiful Style

A way of life and the expression of our feelings, desires and ideas. It's not just the outward beauty of people and nature. It's the inward grace and style to be captured in art and poetry.


Nature is an expression of the life we live – inside and out. 

It’s about discovering the hidden veils of the world around us and how they can inspire us. Where it supports our inner health and well being.

And you recognise in yourself the power to foster healthy inner relationships with self and outwardly with others. 

Like time capsules and the changes in nature, jewellery holds wonderful sentimental moments of your life. It’s a purposeful way in which we express ourselves and live. 

It’s Numa Estilo. 

Jewellery with Purpose

Numa Estilo is handmade jewellery inspired by nature, love, and healing. Our commitment is to guide our customers in creating healthy inner relationships with self and others. 

Numa Estilo is more than just an ethical band in our jewellery making processes. We want to provide a daily reminder to love and care for yourself and others. Each time you put on a Numa Estilo piece, you’re reminding yourself that you are loved, worthy, and your wellbeing is as important as the planets. 

Designed with Intention
Our jewellery is bold with simplicity to express each wearer’s personality and character. They are each infused with a powerful message of harmony, self-love, and inner balance.
Numa Estilo packages are a creative exhibit of luxurious art. Along with your exquisite piece, you’ll find personalised, handmade cards and envelopes, a poem, and a description of/inspiration for the piece.


Our sustainability ethos means our jewellery is all handmade in small batches to prevent waste and maintain quality.  


We believe in a holistic approach to life and the power we have over who we are. Our jewellery promotes taking care of your wellbeing to heal and flourish. 

Beauty imbued with meaning 

The inspirations for a Numa Estilo piece are not the outward appearance of nature or the materials we use. It’s their story, how they use different mediums to heal, survive, and flourish while creating a balanced habitat. 

It’s the core of mother nature and what it can symbolise for our own existence. How we can be inspired to live better and in harmony with self, others, and nature.

So, Numa Estilo is not just about us. It’s also about the people who choose to consciously find joy and inspiration from life. It’s about You.

Designed to be worthy of you

Browse our collections and get inspired by the designs, beauty, and meaning behind each carefully handcrafted Numa Estilo piece.

Please find below the upcoming pop-up events scheduled for April and May 2024.

We are currently accepting bookings for pop-up events. If you are interested, please email us at info@numaestilo.com.